How to Prepare for Rehab

You’ve taken the incredibly brave strep and admitted that you have a drug or alcohol addiction. Now your family and friends are helping you find a medically supervised alcohol detox program and the best drug rehab in south florida. What are some of the ways you should prepare for going to rehab?


Stay Open

This probably sounds super cliche, but you have to prepare your heart and mind. You cannot succeed in getting sober if you don’t want  to do it. You have to start by getting your priorities straight in your mind and motivations. Know going into the experience why you’re doing it, and what your goals are.


Reach for more

Don’t go to rehab only to get sober, go to detox to get sober, but then go to rehab to learn how to live a sober life. A full life. You go to rehab to understand your own emotions better, to understand your own goals and struggles more. WHen you’re there take advantage of everything it has to offer you. Take part in group therapy. Make sure you don’t just stay silent. Sharing in group therapy helps you connect to your story, heal from your wounds, and feel less alone. Attend personal therapy and be sure to be honest, clear, and vulnerable with yourself and your therapist.


Prepare for your return

When you get home from rehab you will want your house or apartment to be clear of any kind of triggering or craving inducing paraphernalia. Ask a good friend or mentor to help you take out any syringes, pipes, alcohol, or anything that will make you want to use, and make it easy to do so. You definitely want someone with you while you do this. Even better, perhaps you have a friend who could do it on their own. Regardless of who does it, it’s a necessary step to lasting sobriety.


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