How to Be Successful in Recovery

A Successful Recovery Often Starts with Treatment

You have gone through detox and are well on your path to recovery, or are planning to detox or start the journey and want to be sure that you can do it with success, here’s how to be successful in the recovery path.

First, that success depends on you, and you will be the top beneficiary of the success. So embrace the things you have to do to ensure that you stay on the path of recovery. Taking one day at a time is the best thing one can do.

Withdrawal Treatment

If you have not yet began the detox, then take this piece of advice and get into a formal drug detox program. This helps to prepare ones body and mind for the challenges that you will face during rehab. Medication may be offered to lessen the effects of the withdrawal. Reduced stress levels and an open mind are things that you will take away from such programs that will help you to recover faster and better.

Build a Support System

There are two critical support systems: family and recovery groups. The family is often the best of support that one can ever have as they are with you in the long term. They can help to keep you motivated to stay in treatment. They can provide a safe and loving environment for an addict to live and recover in. Families play a good role to ensure that the home is temptation free. If they are involved and understand what successful recovery will entail, the better. That way they know how to deal with any frustrations or hostility you may have and how to help you in the process.

Support groups using the 12-step programs focus on the spiritual aspect of maintaining abstinence from drugs and alcohol. There are other types of support groups as well, if following a spiritual path is not to your liking. The resource helps one to have the tools of recovery and get fellowship and support.

Create a Plan

Addiction cannot be cured, but be controlled. A relapse-prevention plan will help you to avoid a relapse. You can identify the reasons or feelings that may bring on a relapse. You should also know the steps to take if you get those feelings or similar situations arise. You could have steps such as attending a support group session or get support from an individual who is also recovering. The plan can be developed together with a therapist.

A recovering addict should always remember to stay in treatment and ensure that the whole of their being is treated. The whole person includes coping with trauma and mending broken relationships, and coming to understand what led to the addiction in the first place.

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