How Pets Can Make Suffering with Drug or Alcohol Addiction a Little Easier

Who doesn’t love a good dog talking to the camera video, or two kitties booping each others noses over and over again? Who doesn’t like animals? Do you subscribe to a social media stream for cute kitty videos and puppy pics? Do you insist on asking to pet every single dog you see on the street? Well, it turns out loving animals can actually be a big benefit to you in the sometimes winding road to recovery.


Dogs for Depression

You’ve probably heard about service animals before. You’ve likely seen service dogs walking around with their owners outside or even in stores. They often have green harnesses on them, warning you not to approach or touch the dog as it is “working”. Service dogs are usually a therapeutic and sometimes logistical solution for people with different kinds of disabilities. But these days people are looking at service dogs for people who suffer with severe depression as well.

Humans have long believed that the love of an animal can be one of the most consistent, loyal, and downright therapeutic relationships a person can have in their lifetime. What better time to work with a service animal or spend extra time with pet than when you are struggling with addiction and feelings of shame and depression.


Beating More than an Addiction

Since addiction can be such a lonely recovery road, a pet you have to wake up for, walk, and feed can help you by getting you out of bed in the mornings and getting started with your day in an active way. Animals also show affection freely. They don’t have any of the stereotypes rolling around in their heads. A puppy’s head will nudge anyone’s hand for a pet as long as there’s love there. Having a service dog could help an addict feel more interested in life and less alone in their recovery.

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