How Drug Replacement Therapy Works for those in Rehabilitation

Drug replacement therapy is a popular and commonly used treatment option these days for people suffering from drug addiction, in particular for those suffering from opiod addiction. Heroin addicts are most frequently the receivers of this sort of treatment, and methadone, used in drug replacement therapy for heroin addicts, is the drug most commonly associated with drug replacement therapy.

The idea is that while the addicted patient is medically supervised, the patient will be prescribed and given a different kind of drug in order to come off of the drug they are addicted to. Sometimes this process is also used solely for the purpose of assisting the addicted patient through symptoms of withdrawal, which can be quite brutal, and it lessening the withdrawal symptoms’ impact. In spite of many studies reporting positive and lasting results with drug replacement therapy, there is a swarming controversy around the drug addiction treatment.


Some Disagree with the Practice

Many people are skeptical, even suspicious of the methods used for this treatment, even in the face of its relatively high success rate. One argument against drug replacement therapy is that it is just shifting someone’s addictive habits from an illegal substance one that happens to be a legal one. Indeed, the folks who espouse this opinion would have you know that methadone, the drug used to treat heroin addiction is itself an opioid.

So should you do it? That’s a question for you and perhaps your doctor to answer. However, if you’re asking yourself if you should seek out drug replacement therapy, you likely have an addiction. You probably have an addiction to opioids. That’s not something to trifle with. Don’t put off getting help.

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