Head in the Stocks

It’s an urban legend that there was a flood of investor suicides after the American stock market crash. Nevertheless, many investors have committed suicide after losing everything to the whims of the market. At the time of this writing, Facebook has just lost nearly $120 Billion dollars in value leaving more than a few investors searching for the “dislike” button. For some people investing in stocks is a casual thing. But for others, it’s a full-on addiction.

Investing is Gambling

Just because investing in stocks is primarily a white-collar game doesn’t mean that investing is any different from gambling. The very nature of stocks makes them risky but often bearing great reward. This triggers a dopamine release no different than someone playing lottery or cards on the street.

Many people can become addicted to trading stocks. You see them with their cell phones frantically following the values and different markets. As with other compulsive situations, not everyone who trades stocks is addicted, and indeed our very society is constructed in a way that requires such trading, but for many people investments run their life little different than a heroin addiction would.

are stocks addictive

Investing in Problems

Mr. Banks, the absent father in Mary Poppins comes to mind. He sincerely wants the best for his kids, but he’s a workaholic and never takes time to actually live because he’s so busy with his job. Gambling addiction is similar to other compulsions. It makes us think about little else. Addicted people are constantly living in a state of fear and anxiety, always needing the next “fix” or win. Often, they lead secret lives, and sometimes even begin to feel the need to steal to support their addiction. Riskier and riskier investments are often made.

Gambling addiction can happen at any financial level. It often will bring other addictions with it such as addiction to painkillers, alcohol, or sedatives. Other chronic conditions such as anxiety or depression also may arise as a function of one’s addiction. If you think you may be addicted to trading or any other sort of gambling, please start investing in yourself instead. Calling us at (844) 299-0618 to learn about treatment programs in Florida.

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