Green Day Front Man, Billie Joe Armstrong, Speaks Openly About His Addiction Problems

Billie Joe Armstrong and Addiction

After last September’s public breakdown at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, Billie Joe Armstrong checked into rehab following his managers’ advice. Armstrong was upset when his set time got cut short and responded with an outburst on stage that included smashing his guitar, yelling, and walking off. Since this incident Armstrong recently sat down with Rolling Stone and openly talked about his addiction for the first time.

Armstrong admits that he has been trying to get sober since 1997 and has been blackout drinking and mixing unknown prescription drugs for years. Armstrong says the rock star lifestyle grew to get out of hand and in the end realized he was the joke of the situation. Like most addicts and/or alcoholics, Armstrong grew up seeing alcoholism and didn’t realize how similar his behavior was to his household role models until it was too late.

Armstrong detoxed mostly at home and is now clean. Green Day is now going back on tour with numerous gigs booked in Europe and the US. Armstrong isn’t sure if he is ready to stay sober but he’s acknowledging that he has to be careful. With the disease of addiction, no one can shape our future better than ourselves. Here at FHE Health, we put faith in Billie Joe Armstrong, but also provide treatment to anyone in need of addiction treatment

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