Gov. Christie Links China To Fentanyl Crisis

Chinese Drugs

New Jersey Governor Calls Out China For Fentanyl Production

At a Tuesday hearing of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee in Baltimore, Md., New Jersey Governor Chris Christie blasted the Chinese for their role in the ongoing fentanyl crisis.

“You are sending this into our country to kill our people. The first use can lead to death,” Christie said. “It is so lethal that law enforcement officers who come to crime scenes have to be careful.”

The Governor called for an increase in border security and from the U.S. Postal Service to crack down on shipments.

Officially, the Chinese government banned fentanyl production earlier this year, but illegal manufacturing continues – with many sophisticated producers simply creating chemical variants that are not technically illegal, thereby skirting the law.

Christie said more funding is needed to fight the epidemic. He pointed to the $1 billion made available in the 21st Century Cures Act last year, but he said that isn’t anywhere near enough.

“In New Jersey, we are spending $500 million,” he said. “I am not, quite frankly, impressed with $1 billion from the federal government for the nation.”

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To learn more about how New Jersey’s Governor is taking a stand against fentanyl, please visit the Washington Examiner.

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