Going to a New Doctor

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As we make the choice every day to chose a sober lifestyle, as opposed to the life wrecked by drug and alcohol addiction, we experience different times each day that we could turn back and take away a little bit of our hard won progress. Steps we have taken to distance ourselves more from our destructive drug abuse or alcohol abuse could be walked back with any choice we make. So many of the tiniest logistics are intricately involved in our wellness as we recover from addiction. And it’s the most basic things that matter.

So you’ve moved and you have a new doctor. Or maybe you are seeing a new specialist or any kind of medical professional for the first time. Here are some things to keep in mind when you see a new doctor for the first time.

  1. Be Honest. First and most importantly, be absolutely transparent with your past addiction. Be clear just how long you were using and when exactly you got sober. Reiterate how long you have been sober and what drugs you struggled with. It is vital that your doctor know how to prescribe drugs to you without triggering your addiction.
  2. Stay calm and and open. Greet questions about your alcohol and drug addiction with calm and factual answers. Make sure you are open and freely provide your medical professional with any details that might be important to your healthcare moving forward.
  3. Tell them everything. Let your new doctor know what kind of side effects you experienced when you were using. This can help them understand the way your body responded to the drugs and, if you were struggling with prescription drug addiction, could help them understand better the way to give you prescription medication that can help you.
  4. You can change doctors yours doesn’t feel right for you. Be an advocate for yourself and know that not every doctor is a great fit for you. If you are feeling uncomfortable with the way your doctor is treating you, it is okay to find a new doctor that makes you feel safe and confident in their care.

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