God Is by Peter Marinelli

Thoughts on God by Peter Marinelli

No matter how much I have acquired, no matter how much I am in search of, I will always feel incomplete until I have a personal relationship with my Creator.

Until I was able to come to the realization that external conditions were not a remedy for my internal condition, I always experienced emptiness inside.

It’s what many of us do until we “bottom out”.  Always chasing money, property, prestige and the like, waiting to arrive and never getting there. So we strive not for the love of what we are doing, but for the hope that when I “get there” I will be whole complete and satisfied with this journey called life.

My internal harmony is only achieved when I experience God, and nothing less than this Great Fact.

What I also had the awakening to was what Joel Goldsmith has discussed in his books, that there isn’t God and something else, there is only God. God is my home, God is my car, and God is my life. Always being aware that whenever I say God and something, it lends itself to duality rather than oneness.

I will be mindful as I walk through my day that God is ever present in all I do and all I have. That the breath I take is my God breathing through me as it is such with you.


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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