Girl High On Meth Claws Out Her Own Eyes

High on Meth

Meth Triggers Tragic Blinding

A girl from South Carolina gouged her eyes out while high on meth. In a new interview she says she was attempting to get closer to God.

As reported by the Washington Post, there was a message from God, 20-year old Kaylee Muthart believed, that she needed to sacrifice something special.

Muthart was high on methamphetamine, a freight train of a dose bigger than all the others, and the signs were all there. A white bird along a dark path. A man with a biblical name asking for a key. Muthart was looking for personal salvation, but she also wanted to save the world.

“I thought everything would end abruptly, and everyone would die,” Muthart told Cosmopolitan, “if I didn’t tear out my eyes immediately.”

She did. And for the first time since the Feb. 6 incident in Anderson, S.C., Muthart is explaining how she went from being an honor student to becoming a drug user who fought off several men trying to subdue her as the remains of her sea-green eyes dangled from her head.

Muthart was a good student in high school, she told the magazine. But a focus on work to save money for a car and issues with an irregular heartbeat led to poor school performance. She dropped out and soon turned to alcohol and other substances.

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To read more about how meth led to tragedy for one young woman in South Carolina, please visit the Washington Post.

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