Marblehead Speaker Urges Awareness On Genetic Risks of Addiction

Dr Ruth Potee

Tweens and Teens Need to Understand the Impact of Addiction

Speaking to parents at Marblehead Veterans Middle School, Dr. Ruth Potee urged them to discuss addition with their children – especially if there’s been a family history of addiction.

As reported by Wicked Local, physician Ruth Potee believes young people need to be better and more accurately informed about the long-term impacts of substance abuse and addiction.

“I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power. Kids should know about this stuff at an early age,” she told a gathering at the Marblehead Veterans Middle School Performing Arts Center. “The truth is the medical profession has failed those with addictions. And parents need to support funding for a better health education curriculum in our schools.”

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Her presentation “The Physiology of Addiction: Effects of Drug-Taking Behavior on the Brain” explored scientific studies about addiction, and the multitude of substances that accelerate addictive behavior, including heroin, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, tobacco products, THC, and alcohol. The presentation concluded with a short question and answer session.

Genetics are seen as the highest risk factor in addiction, according to the information presented. Potee pointed out that genetics account for 50 percent of the risk for addiction.

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To learn more about how genetics can impact addiction in young adults, please visit Wicked Local.

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