Five Years Later: Heath Ledger Remembered

It’s still hard to believe that we lost  Heath Ledger five years ago today. He was 28 years old when he was found dead, having overdosed on prescription drugs in Manhattan. This came as a shock to the nation because of his roles in movies such as “A Knight’s Tale”, “Monster’s Ball”, “The Brothers Grimm”, and most famously “The Dark Knight”. He was a very talented actor who suffered from a disease that is a growing epidemic in the country. Health Ledger is a prime example of someone who ended his life early because of drugs.  Heath will forever be remembered for his amazing acting ability. 

Why is it that the disease of addiction effects some of the most brillant minds? There are many theories on this but whatever the reason may be, it happens too frequently. Like Heath Ledger, addicts overdose everyday. Who knows if those people could have been the next Bukowski or Chaplin.  Studies show that people with high IQs are more likely to develop an addiction problem.

Drug addiction is  an epidemic, not just here in florida, but all over the world. Days like today remind me, that as a global community, we should be trying our hardest to make everyone aware of the effects of drug abuse and addiction. Let us use this day to remember Heath Ledgers’ legacy and a reminder to ourselves of what drugs and alcohol are capable of doing to some of the brightest individuals.

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