Five Daily Practices to Stay Sober

stay sober

There are Many Things You Can Do to Stay Sober

Stopping your drinking and staying sober requires a lot of effort, but success is achievable on this recovery journey. It is important for you to live one day at a time if you are to succeed. One should not think that they would never ever have another drink for the rest of their lives. That thought can be overwhelming. However, thinking about not taking a drink today – that is a much easier thought to handle, only 24 hours to stay sober: that’s not as hard; just for today you will remain sober. Here are five daily practices you should take on to ensure that you stay sober.

Stay in Contact With Your Support Networks

The two critical groups that should form your support networks are family and members of your 12-step group or fellow recovering addicts. Whether it’s the ‘ninety in ninety’ meetings, particularly during the first 90 days, which is the time when one is most likely to relapse, or past the 90 days, one should ensure that they have contact each day with these people who will keep you strong and focused on your goal of staying sober.


Working out is a tool that many people have used to stay clean and sober. Exercise is a good way to way to channel some of the thoughts that are associated with addiction. Just simple walks that do not require the use of too much energy are a great way to exercise without a lot of exertion. Exercise can help you stay focused on your goals and help you become physically healthier.


This need not take too much time in a day, but the up side is that it may not cost you any money. Your ability to manage temptations and stress levels will be reduced. Meditation should be in your daily practice. Meditation helps one to release some positive energy and ward off depression from the lack of drug use. Meditation helps one free their mind from negative thoughts and make way for good ones. 

Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is an important daily routine that you should take up to help you stay sober. Balanced diets serve to provide the body with the nutrients it needs for proper recovery. Drinking the recommended amount of water each day also keeps the body hydrated and helps to flush the toxins out of your system faster.

Reaffirm Your Commitment

The commitment in this case is a list of reasons of why you should stay sober. This could be so that you can be happy, save money, improve your marriage, do a better job raising your kids, save your life and just enjoy life in sobriety. Add to this list and read it each day to reaffirm your commitment to staying sober.

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