Find Your Life’s Soundtrack

There’s something magical about music, the way it can hold you in a moment and feel something with you. There’s a reason most movies take you through the story with music behind it almost the whole time. It makes you feel more. It moves you and soothes you in a way that can almost be a guide. If someone knows what they’re doing, the psychology of music can be something of a tool for manipulation. But it doesn’t have to be sinister. Music can be a great tool for you to use as a kind of self regulation, as a method of grieving, as a way to cope during drug rehabilitation. South Florida has some really great local music, but if you’re not into live music you can go to the record store, the library, or even online and find your music there.


You’re The Only One Who Can Choose The Songs

Music is profoundly personal in a way. There’s something that happens to your senses and physical posture, almost involuntarily, with the music that you connect to, something that you can’t fake. I’ve been told once or twice in my life by someone that they don’t like music. But most of the time the people I meet have deep love for some genre or artist and always want to talk about their musical passions. You are the only one who can tell what moves you, what feels like a companion who can move with you through difficult emotions or difficult experiences, that can smooth out the rough edges of experience and almost cradle you.


There’s No Wrong Answer

There’s not a wrong genre or artist. You don’t need to listen to beethoven when you want to relax. You don’t have to listen to Dean Martin when you want to fall in love. Maybe your when you’re feeling amorous you prefer to listen to Metallica, and you prefer The Cure to relax. The only thing that matters is how the music feels to you.


Music & Addiction Recovery

Music can be something of a secret tool in your tool belt to help you stay tethered to a sense of love, and hope. So here’s what you do. Go to your favorite streaming platform, or even just to your own personal collection, and gather different songs into playlists by emotion. Think about the ways your favorite songs make you feel and group them. You can even make a mix that makes you think of all of the reasons you want to be sober. When you start to feel stressed you can turn on the Stress soundtrack. It might not make panic go away completely, but music can calm the senses and help you to not feel alone. It can take you to a place where you can gather your thoughts and slow down your anxiety a little bit. You can also make a silly playlist of music you know makes you laugh or smile. Consider it your musical mental health rehab.


If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, making mixes is great catharsis and a wonderful safetynet for when you really need something to hold on to emotionally. But if you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol you need to seek out your local detox facilities. Florida detox cost has become more affordable in light of many insurances allocating more coverage for detox and rehab programs. Give us a call today and we will help check what kind of coverage your insurance offers.


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