Fight For Something Bigger Than Yourself

Have you sat around with friends in the past, worrying about the state of the world? Solving the world’s problems via late night conversation? I don’t know about you but that’s when I drank the most. Those were the times I would put back glasses of wine while pontificating about all kinds of ways I thought the world should change.  Instead of talking about it, why not solve the world’s problems in a more concrete way.



Consider volunteering or joining an activist movement you care about. Fighting for something can teach you an awful lot about yourself, and can also introduce you to people who care about the things you find most important. As you fight for what you care about, you will begin to feel more connected to your own fundamental wellbeing. It will make you feel like a part of a community. People who come together with big, world changing goals, usually bond over the effort and struggle to make change. It takes a kind of comradery and vulnerability that makes it difficult to not stand closely together in support of one another


You’ve Found Your Passion But Are Overwhelmed by Addiction

If you’re feeling stuck within addiction, it can be hard to fight for something you care about. Addiction takes over your life. It takes away your sense of control and it often slows down your instincts and your brain functions. If you truly want to make some changes, to better the world around you, you have to get clean first. You can’t help anyone until you help yourself. You have options for drug detox in South Florida. Addiction treatment centers are available, and our affordable drug rehab center is waiting to help.


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