FDA Chief Warns About Fake Addiction Remedies


FDA Tweets About Marketing of Unapproved Addiction Treatments

Scott Gottlieb, the FDA Commissioner, took to Twitter last week to issue a warning about unapproved addiction medications. “FDA believes strongly people addicted to opioids should have access to safe and effective, approved treatments for addiction. Unfortunately, unscrupulous vendors are trying to capitalize on opioid epidemic by illegally marketing products for these purposes.”

Apparently Gottlieb is reacting to dietary supplements like “Opiate Detox Pro,” a blend of vitamins and amino acids said to have “amazing benefits” in reducing opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Kratom is another product that has been gaining widespread attention. According to one website, kratom has incredible affects during withdrawal.

HowtoQuitHeroin.com was founded by Jorge Fernandez, a recovering heroin addict.

“Kratom works. Kratom helps. It can help you to quit heroin. It can help you to quit Suboxone. It can help you to quit Oxycontin. And believe it or not, it can even help you to quit Methadone as well,” Fernandez claims.

Kratom is not approved by the FDA as a treatment for opioid addiction or any other health condition.

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To learn more about how the FDA is warning about unproven addiction treatments, please visit PainNewsNetwork.

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