Extroverts Get Depressed Too

Sometimes it is hard to imagine that anyone would believe you if you told them how depressed you are. You’re the outgoing friend, the one who plans parties and potlucks. You love to meet new people and you are really involved with your community. Sometimes you even feel guilty for your depression. This kind of shame reflecting off of your already difficult mental health complications can lead someone into even deeper depression, or even to substance abuse and addiction. If you are suffering from a chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol please call us at FHE Health. We offer neuro treatments for your mental health rehab in parallel with your drug rehabilitation in South Florida.  It is possible to survive as an extrovert with depression without going down that road. Here’s a list of tips on how to cope.

Be Honest with Your Friends About Your Depression

If your friends are worth your time, they will only be supportive. Let them know that you’re still the same person you’ve always been, but you are depressed and may not be as outgoing or high energy as you have been in the past. Maybe you don’t feel like planning things and someone else needs to pick up the slack there a bit right now. Or maybe you host a regular get together but you’re not sure you’ll always be up to attending so you ask another person to host instead. Either way being honest about how you’re feeling these days can give your friends the ability to support you and care for you, and will give you a much needed support system.


Let Yourself Off The Hook

Sometimes you’ve got to let yourself of the hook by giving yourself the right to stay at home for an evening. As an extrovert your instinct is to go out, meet new people, talk all night long. You may have a dedicated group of friends who go dancing every friday night, or maybe a regular dinner party. Maybe it’s just that you’re booked every night in a lot of different ways. But sometimes you’ve got to listen to your energy levels.  As someone with depression you’ve got to forgive yourself for just not feeling like it sometimes.


Take Advantage of That Group of Friends

As an extrovert it is very possible that you have a lot of friends and even more acquaintances. Now is the time to lean on those trusted friends for support. Someone with depression may suffer from anything from low energy levels to suicidal ideation. There is nothing more valuable than a friend who you know will be there to support you, either to talk about how you’re feeling, or just be with you for moral support.


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