Dual Diagnosis Florida Provides Additional Treatment For Rehab Clients

Dual Diagnosis Florida in Drug Treatment Centers

side shotMany patients in drug rehab treatment centers have more health issues going on than their addiction alone. Dual diagnosis Florida in drug rehabs exists in order to help treat those patients who have other psychiatric diagnosis like bipolar, depression, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders. Addicts with an undiagnosed psychiatric disease have often used drugs to cope and self-medicate thus fueling their psychiatric disorder into a worst state than if they’d receive treatment. Many addicts ask themselves, what came first? The addiction or the psychiatric condition. That is a very hard question to ask especially when there’s no prior history of treatment. 

According to reports published in the Journal of the American Medical Association:

  • Roughly 50 percent of individuals with severe mental disorders are affected by substance abuse.
  • 37 percent of alcohol abusers and 53 percent of drug abusers also have at least one serious mental illness.
  • Of all people diagnosed as mentally ill, 29 percent abuse either alcohol or drugs.

Treatment for Dual Diagnosis Florida at Rehab

When a person has an addiction and a psychiatric/emotional/behavioral problem they are said to have a dual diagnosis Florida. Most drug rehabs like FHE Health, offer dual diagnosis Florida treatments for these clients. The standard dual diagnosis Florida treatment consist of a successful detox so that the client can be stabilized without the drugs affecting their bodies and behaviors. Once a client is stable they will begin to receive psychological support in the form of individual therapy, group therapy, addiction education, life skills development, drug maintenance if necessary and alternative therapy methods. There are symptoms of psychiatric problems that addicts may see as symptoms of their drug abuse but can be symptoms of their depression. For example, symptoms of depression include:

  • Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness
  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Inability to experience pleasure
  • Appetite or weight changes
  • Sleep changes
  • Loss of energy
  • Strong feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Concentration problems
  • Anger, physical pain, and reckless behavior (especially in men)

Getting treatment for your dual diagnosis Florida will help set you up for the right path into your recovery. Once you’re aware what your addiction symptoms are a result of your psychiatric condition (or vice versa) you will be able to receive treatment and rehabilitate in the best way possible. Some people rather detox at home on their own but once the drugs leave their body they are faced with overwhelming emotions and behavioral symptoms that leave them feeling inadequate and quite frankly – crazy. It’s better for people to get the help they need from professionals when they are aware of why they are feeling and behaving the way they are.

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