Detroit Man Overdoses in CVS, Revived By Narcan

Detroit Man Revived At CVS

Man in CVS aisle brought back with Narcan

Mark Harris captured some unusual video footage earlier this fall at a CVS in Detroit. Harris noticed someone wobbling in the aisle and eventually falling to floor. Harris was pretty certain that it was an overdose.

“I see it a lot right there in the area, you see a lot of drug addicts. You can’t describe them, but when you see them you know it, they fit a profile,” he said.

With the young man on the floor, and CVS employees and customers beginning to buzz around him trying to figure out what to do, Harris pulled out his phone to document the traumatic ordeal.

Over the next 12 minutes, Harris was able to capture a real life drama as EMT workers arrived and administered a lifesaving dose of Narcan. The patient did not immediately respond, but then after a few minutes, he is seen getting to his feet.

What makes the video clip particularly distrurbing is that after the man first went down, no one in the pharmacy knew what to do – and this is in a pharmacy that has Narcan on site.

People didn’t know how to respond so they didn’t know how to take action, unfortunately,” said Gina Dahlem a clinical assistant professor at University of Michigan’s School of Nursing, whose research focuses on opioid overdose prevention and education using naloxone.

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To watch the video of a Detroit man in CVS being saved from an overdose, please visit the Detroit Free Press.

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