Dark Web Black Market Men Arrested, Two Lived In Same Ohio Town

Federal prosecutors made a big catch in the latter half of June, arresting over 35 people in connection with illegal sales of drugs, guns, and other things on the Dark Web. The Dark Web is a colloquialism for a number of ways to use the internet in a secure way that attempts to prevent access by outside sources. It is often the service of choice for illegal buyers and sellers, and will often be used with digital currencies like Bitcoin. Two such illegal vendors were Nicholas Powell, current resident of Spring Hill, Florida, and Michael Gonzalez of Parma, Ohio, Powell’s former home city. Gonzalez has been released on bail and Powell is being transported to Cleveland for appearance in federal court.


CLEVELAND, Ohio — A former Parma resident and a man who currently lives there are among more than 35 people arrested as part of a federal investigation into the sale of illegal drugs, guns and other items on the Dark Web.

The Justice Department says the arrests and seizures are part of a year-long operation to target Dark Web vendors. It started when Homeland Security agents in New York posed as a money launderer on market sites, exchanging U.S. currency for Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

The men with Ohio connections charged in the case include Nicholas Powell, who now lives in Spring Hill, Florida, and Michael Gonzalez of Parma. They face a charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and laundering money using the Dark Web.

Both were arrested last week. Gonzalez, 27, was released on bond. Powell, 32, made an appearance in a federal court in Tampa and will be brought to Cleveland by the U.S. Marshals Service. Click Here to Continue Reading

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