Mobile Crisis Unit In Dallas Helps to Prevent Opioid Deaths

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In Dallas, Roadside Warriors Help Struggling Addicts

Micah Petty does not look like your typical super-hero, but out on the streets of suburban Dallas, she is bringing hope and saving lives.

When approaching addicts, at first they are not sure whether or not to trust the friendly woman in her white Ford Escape. “They kind of look at me like oh gosh she’s going to talk me into doing something that I am not ready to do,” said Petty.

In many cases, Petty needs to be incredibly persistent in order to convince addicts that they need to commit to entering recovery. She recalls one such challenging case –

“I lost touch with him I kept following back up with him, following back up with him and I was scared like maybe he wasn’t answering because he got a bad batch or maybe he took too much,” Petty said.

Fortunately, her persistence paid off – it was her concern that ultimately got the young man into treatment. Today he’s sober, and looking forward to reclaiming his future.

If you are struggling with addictions of any kind, treatment is available. Don’t wait any longer to ask for help. In today’s environment, you never know when your next dose will be your last.

Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction? Personalized care is available 24/7 at our state-of-the-art clinic.

Our Neuro Rehabilitation approach helps address the root causes of addiction once and for all.

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