Chinese Fentanyl Manufacturers Indicted

Chinese Fentanyl Kingpins Targeted By US DOJ

Made In China goods have become woven into the US economy over the last two decades, so perhaps it’s not surprising that now synthetic opioids are also being manufactured in China and shipped to the US via the mail.

In an effort to crack down on these deadly shipments the US Department of Justice has issued indictments for two Chinese nationals believed to be at the heart of massive fentanyl operations.

Flanked by top law enforcement officials, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein touted the cases at an October press conference as a “milestone in our battle to stop deadly fentanyl from entering the United States.”

Chinese officials have been somewhat cooperative with the DOJ, but legal issues have made the investigation difficult.

Yu Haibin, director of precursor chemical control at the National Narcotics Control Commission, the Chinese equivalent of the DEA, said the fentanyl cases remain under investigation. But, he added, “the U.S. unilateral indictment of Chinese people has made our investigation difficult.”

“China does not have solid evidence to show that they have violated Chinese law,” Yu said. “Our American counterparts haven’t provided such evidence either. Therefore, we have not reached a point to indict or arrest these two suspects.”

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To learn more about Chinese production of illegal fentanyl please visit Vice News.

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