Cash and His Cocaine Blues

Johnny Cash wrote about the Cocaine Blues. He struggled with addiction to many substances, including an aggressive addiction to Cocaine, for years. Cocaine can really make a mess of your psychological well being. It can also cause some pretty scary side effects when you’re withdrawing or have taken too much.

Cocaine has a lot of nicknames, coke, crank, rock, bump, rail, powder, cola, etc. You may be able to tell someone is using coke if you notice that they are suddenly losing weight, if their moods are suddenly unstable, their behavior has drastically changed including erratic behavior, they’re paranoid, secretive,and you’ve noticed that their pupils are frequently dilated.


Abuse and Addiction

Some people smoke crack cocaine, others snort cocaine, still others inject it as one might inject heroin. Shooting the drug can cause veins to collapse under the weight of additives and impurities often put in to the drug to make it stretch further.

With repeated use of cocaine, your immune system can take a hit. Smoking the drug can lead to a chronic cough and even damaged pulmonary tissue.  This kind of damage to the lungs can lead to more severe medical concerns down the line. People who take the drug intravenously risk a higher likelihood that they will contract diseases like Tetanus, Hepatitis, or even HIV. Cocaine can also damage your circulatory system. Your heart, arteries and veins can suffer with arrhythmia and cardiac arrest.


Quitting Cocaine

If you or someone you know has struggled with being addicted to drugs or alcohol you may already know some of the scary ways cocaine can affect the whole life of the addicted person. Addicts dedicated to their cocaine habits can begin to let their responsibilities slip. Their performance at a job or school will likely suffer, halting productivity, and possibly even  deteriorating their most important relationships. If you are suffering from addiction, and are seeking out addiction recovery in Florida, call us now at (844) 299-0618 to learn more about our intensive inpatient treatment or outpatient detox center in South Florida. Let us help guide you to the path of sober living.

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