Carbondale Paramedics Weary of Multiple Overdoses

Carbondale Paramedics

Opioid Crisis Continues to Needlessly Drain Resources

The Jackson County Ambulance Service responds to two to four overdose calls every week, which is actually a decrease from just six months ago. Not long ago, they were getting calls for overdoses on a daily basis.

Tad Thompson, a paramedic supervisor, says its frustrating, and a waste of resources to constantly have to deal with a problem that’s preventable.

“I had one patient, as of not too long ago, who I responded to, administered narcan, and when she came to she asked me how much Narcan it took that time,” said Thompson.

“When we treat these patients, our only recourse is to send them to the emergency department which is not the appropriate facility to deal with an addiction problem,” said Thompson.

Thompson adds our treatment facilites and drug counselers are overwhelmed with the epidemic. On top of that, the DEA reports only three percent of doctors in Illinois have taken the 8 hour certifcation to prescribe a drug made to treat substance abuse.

“There are a lot more people within your community, wherever you’re at, that have addiction to pain killers,” said Thompson.

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To read more about how the opioid crisis is impacting the Carbondale area, please visit WSII TV.

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