Building Structure in Your Daily Life for Sober Living

After you successfully go through a medically supervised drug detox treatment program and then attend a rehab treatment facility, you’ll begin rebuilding your life in a way that will help you to be successful in your efforts toward healthy, sober living.


Rebuilding Structure

Here are some ways that you can build the structure you need in your life to help reduce stress in your life to help you maintain sobriety every day.

  1. Keep a daily calendar. This may seem obvious as far as structuring a successful life, but many people skip the importance of logistical competency. This can lead to missing important appointments, accidentally skipping out on friends, and ultimately can make you a stressed-out mess. When someone is stressed out, they are vulnerable to triggers. Keeping a calendar can feel like a drag at first, but soon enough it becomes second nature and your stress levels will plummet. Knowing what your day looks like is a sense of control you owe yourself.
  2. Keep a daily journal. Maybe you think keeping a journal is so middle school chic, but let me tell you, there is no better way to get to know the real you. Writing is one of the most successful ways to filter emotions, that so often feel intangible and confusing, into something clearer, manageable. When you write about each day it helps you connect different aspects of your longer life story to the way you act in every day life. It helps you understand your motivations. Keeping a journal will also tell you about when you feel triggered and how you react to those triggers and may even show you what works best for you to monitor those your cravings.
  3. Use Alarms on Your Phone. When you are reentering your everyday life, it can be hard to remember your schedule. An underused tool is the calendar on your smart phone. You can often sync it with your email, making it easy to keep up to date with therapy appointments, medication, doctor’s appointments, group therapy, and other responsibilities.

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