Tragedy Strikes As Bronx Teacher ODs in School Bathroom

Matthew Azimi

Well-liked Teacher Shoots Up and Dies After School

Neighbors and colleagues were in a state of shock as they learned of Matthew Azimi’s death from a heroin overdose this week. A special ed teacher at the Bronx Public School X811 on Longfellow Ave., Azimi apparently went to the CVS after school, bought a syringe, and then returned to the school to shoot up. A janitor found him Thursday evening after the students had gone home.

“He was great. He was a good teacher,” said one grief-stricken teacher, who didn’t want to be named.

Back in his hometown of Carmel, NY neighbors were grief-stricken. “I never saw him as a person that would do drugs,” said his neighbor Stephanie Quinto, 30, almost breaking down in tears. “He was very calm, very normal. I worry for those children. This is just crazy,” she said. “What possibly could be the reason? He always seemed so happy. … He is always with his kids, always smiling.”

Azimi leaves behind a wife and three children. They are expecting a fourth child next April.

“The heroin problem in Carmel, God,” Quinto said somberly. “So many people. There are a lot of people in this town doing that. But him?”

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To learn more about this story, please visit the NY Daily News.

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