Benefits of 90 Day Drug Rehab

A 90 day drug rehab program can be the key to breaking a cycle of addiction. The staff at The Florida House Experience has the training that allows them to guide your through a long term rehabilitation and to a new path of recovery.

What to Expect from a 90 Day Drug Rehab

• Medically monitored detox process to help launch your recovery safely and effectively.
• Open invitation to family and loved ones to be involved in the complete recovery process.
• Meals overseen by a licensed nutritionist.
• Accommodations that include a roommate to help foster the community feeling and promote the continued well being of individuals moving through the program.
• Meetings with the 12-step philosophy twice a day that are opened to all residents and alumni of the program.
• Strict curfew to help grow accountability.
• Facilities for working out to foster better or continued health.

Recovery will take time and energy. Choosing a 90 day drug rehab will help you build a solid foundation of recovery.