Former Addicts Revitalize Crime-Ridden Park in Baltimore

Baltimore Inner Harbor

Community Park in Baltimore Shines Thanks to Efforts of Former Addicts

26ers Park in the Harwood Community was once infested with crime, but now it’s giving recovering drug addicts a sense of purpose.

“The park was known as the park from hell, so no one wanted to visit it,” said Concerted Care Foundation director Ronald Shelley.

“Many of them have been destructive in the past, but now they want to restore and be a part of the restoration process,” Shelley said.

“A little park like this in a sense can increase the values and be attractive for people to live in this area,” said Catherine Dorsey, who donated the park.

“Yeah you have an addiction, or you may have issues, but the stigma needs to be replaced by people who want to give back,” Concerted Care Foundation client Harry C. Johnston said. “Sure we have done bad things, but I have been clean. For 13 years and look back at that as a struggle but now I am seeing the light.”

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Learn more about the Baltimore park project at CBS Baltimore.

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