Atlanta Suburbs Feeling the Pain of Opioid Epidemic

Small Town In GA Not Immune to Opioid Crisis

Snellville GA, with a population just under 20,000 people, is not a place where you’d expect to be reading about heroin addiction. Out in the Atlanta suburbs, this is generally a quiet community. But, the power and range of this current opioid epidemic continues to cut across all geographic and demographic barriers.

In this case, tragedy was averted last month when quick acting employees were able to revive 28-year-old Jessica Widner who was found unconscious in the Kroger restroom, with a needle in her arm.

Fortunately for Widner, the crying of her 18 month old baby alerted store employees who rushed in to find her. It took two doses of Narcan to revive her.

Snellville police commented that this is the most recent example of a growing heroin problem in the Atlanta suburbs.

Read more at WSB-TV.

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