Are You Talking To Me? by Peter Marinelli

What voices are talking to you throughout the day?
We all have them and these voices all have their own distinct sound.
Can you identify them as they perform their dance and try to persuade you that they represent the truth and have your best interest in mind?

For example there is the voice that is angry and is going to seek revenge on “them”. We know how that choice sounds and perhaps what it looks like some character we have seen in a movie- the “Dirty Harry” voice.
He talks when we are angry but it doesn’t tell you how anger will keep us sick and block any road to reconciliation and peace.
There is the financial voice. This one says a few things; one is the financial insecurity voice who catapults us into panic and worry and even a feeling of hopelessness. We feel shame with this voice because we should be in a better financial place then we are. The trouble here is no matter how successful we are financially this voice doesn’t care. It continues to tell us we have failed. Couple with this financial voice is the “money maker’ voice who is never satisfied with where you are , but needs to be bigger than  the most successful money makers on the planet. This voice tells us again how we have failed and time is running out.
We also have the sex voice. This one has fantasies on how the sex life should look and all we need to do to be truly satisfied. It also tells us how we have failed in this department.

The love voice tells us that our life should look like a Hallmark card all the time.
There is another voice the Guru voice who believes we should be walking on water and that all the Saints have sought us out for advice and all people know we are gurus and need our advice on every subject.
We have the voice that is always worrying – about everything and everyone. This voice loves drama needs drama and will even event drama.

How may voice are talking to us during one hour of our day. Just one hour pay attention to the three ring circus that we tune into as soon as our eyes open in the morning. What bondage.

Then there is “the Voice”.

This one we hear we least expect it. It’s the voice that talks to us with gratitude, peace ease and comfort. The feeling that all is well. The one that allows us to kick back and enjoy the life we have. It has no attachments to anything or anyone. It has gratitude even when we have hunger. This is the voice of our God. This is voice to listen to.
Who is talking to you as you read this?

Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "

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