Are You Ready To Rumble!!!! by Peter Marinelli

So I was trashed talked to, pushed, disappointed, lied to, stepped on, interrupted out of deep sleep, hit in the head, coughed and sneezed on repeatedly and was late getting home. No this didn’t happen in prison nor am I UFC cage fighter. It happened flying one of the friendly skies airlines.

Can someone explain to me what happens to human nature at the airport?

Do folks leave the certificate in etiquette and manners home? By the way, speaking about home have you seen these folks who take everything they own from home on the plane and try to stuff in the overhead?

I wish some psychiatrist would do a study on this! And can someone tell me why the flight attendants all have the same high pitched ear deafening tone to their voice and the pilots have the “Barry White”, low voice when they say, “this is your Captain speaking”? And don’t tell me the temperature in Celsius, please!!!

Have you seen this one? When everyone is trying to get their seats and there is always one who must talk on the cell phone while they’re stuffing the living room furniture in the overhead, thereby holding up a hundred or so folks. And if you ask them to move along they’re ready for a battle.

The one good thing is when you arrive at your destination, perhaps a new place, and get to spend some time with friends or loved ones (however it takes about a day to heal from this flying experience) or when you finally return home, it’s all worth it I think.

Landing in Florida I feel a kid on Christmas morning. Thank you beautiful Florida and your weather a palm trees!

I travel a lot and I do enjoy the experience of visiting the globe, I just think from now one I will have to get ready like I see the NFL players do in pre-game.


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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