Are You Kidding Me! by Peter Marinelli

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "So how is it possible in what we all call the greatest country in the world where men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice and a free and better nation that Insurance companies pretty much control our destiny when it comes to life span and out personal health. Has anyone tried to have certain testing done or medications needed or surgery only to find out that either your insurance company won’t pay for it or only partially paid and that you are now in serious debt to save your life or the life of a loved one. And what’s the deal with this business of co- pays. Twenty or thirty dollars to visit a doctor only to be compounded with a fee for prescription when you have medical coverage! And many times does our insurance company inform us they will not pay for certain medications, but they continue to charge us our monthly premiums!  And God forbid if you miss your payment!

Are you kidding me!

Why is it that our government who spend billions on weapons and sends young people off to die in money making wars can’t even take care of its own right here at home? It’s a crime, and it’s disgraceful and our so called leaders have done nothing but argue about it.

“Mr. Aetna”, “Mr. Oxford”, “Mr. Blue Cross Blue Shield”, and the rest of you should be held accountable by a jury of victims of your abuse. Why does our government allow these insurance companies to bankroll lobbyist who bank roll politicians to get away with this. One doctor told me “our hand are tied and it’s going to get worse” So while Obama and Romney battle it out and the rest of the three ring circus of clown fight for our votes, let’s think about the poor job they are doing here at home with health care. It crimes, serious ones that go unpunished, What is even for frightening  is that it seems to be accepted and regarded as business as usual. This is what is just as alarming when we surrender to thieves.

Are you kidding me!


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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