Am I Blaming Others? by Peter Marinelli

About Blaming by Peter Marinelli

How much of our misery do we manufacture?

Too often I can blame others for my disease and discomfort and for all of my troubles, yet when I take a personal inventory and review it with another, I can quickly see how much of my troubles are of my own making.

Keeping an open heart towards others can seem like a frightful proposition to many, especially if one has been hurt in the past. Yet the alternative is to close myself off from others thereby thinking I am protecting myself, yet in reality I am closing myself off from Gods Universe and the freedom that exists in it.

I can watch myself throughout the day and witness how often I make my mind God and how often I don’t give God a chance to work.

I treat my mind like God and God with a matter of fact attitude.

Conversely as a result of going through the 12 steps and having a vital spiritual awakening necessary for permanent sobriety and grow with this experience, I align my will with the will of My Creator  and I begin to experience what the “Carpenter” referred to as wearing the world like a loose garment.

The 12 steps will pull me away from ego and bring me present to the moment rather than the present moment being in the way.

How is my relationship with the present moment?

As I get pulled away from ego I am no longer identified with me and my mind.

Freedom is the result and no one has the power to hurt me.


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

FHE Health experience

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