Alcoholism and How to Recognize It: Alcohol Rehab Miami

57000006So what is alcoholism? It is the mental, and above all, physical addiction to alcohol. It is also known as alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction. The disease can result in grave negative effects on a person’s life, as well as their family and friends. Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is a drug that is created by fermentation, as well as subsequent distillation of fruit, grain or other plant products.

The Signs of Alcoholism Include:

  • Tolerance  which is needing to drink more alcohol to attain the same ‘high’ feeling and effects

  • Physical dependence

  • Alcohol cravings or dependence

  • Loss of control over drinking alcohol

  • Withdrawal symptoms such as shakiness, nausea, vomiting, anxiety and depression

  • Have tried to quit and have been unable

The American society and especially families have borne the brunt of alcohol abuse and the effects on individuals and groups in society. Some of the issues include violent crimes, child deaths, traffic fatalities, costs relating to the insurance industry, domestic violence and costs of health care. Alcohol alone has caused more crime, health problems, behavioral problems, and deaths than illegal drugs. Hence, alcohol rehab Miami is important.

Alcohol abuse has taken a toll on careers, finances, family and friends.

How can you recognize your addiction to alcohol?

Alcoholic drinks are usually consumed at social settings. Recreational drinking for some has turned to abuse and deadly consequences. Consuming alcohol in excess has health consequences. So ask yourself:

  • Is drinking affecting your home life, work or social life?

  • Have you ever wondered if you drink too much?

  • Has a friend or family member accused you of being an alcoholic?

  • Have you felt the need to lie about or hide the drinking habit that you have?

If you also drink regularly and greater quantities than you had originally intended then you may have a drinking problem and alcohol rehab Miami is what you need. If you have felt that you need to take a drink so that you could feel better or relax, then you need alcohol rehab Miami. These are the warning signs showing that you have a problem. Recognizing a drinking problem is hard for most and acknowledging that one needs help from alcohol rehab Miami is never easy. Downplaying any negative impacts of your drinking or blaming the drinking on others, turning the responsibility on other people and underestimating the drinking quantities is a sign that you need alcohol rehab Miami.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you should seek help from FHE Health and get addiction help from alcohol rehab Miami now.


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