Air travel by Peter Marinelli

In advance I apologize for this rant.

So what’s the deal with flying etiquette?

I travel a bunch and I love to fly. However I do see some very strange human behavior that takes place. I am an observer by nature and sadly I have to report that folks need to take a class in manners. Starting with the security folks who work our airlines. I guess saying good morning or good afternoon or have a nice flight doesn’t exist anymore. It seems to have been replaced with a stern look as if your are a nuisance to them for flying or a look of apathy.

Van someone explain to me why when the check point at security is backed up with so many travels trying to make their flights that security has only a couple of gates open while two or three are closed and you can watch and half dozen security just hanging around doing nothing.

When you finally get through (all but a strip search to get through and I can’t figure out what they need top pat down someone older enough to be my great grandmother) then you board. After first class is called and general boarding begins, it’s a cattle call. Here is where passenger manners go out the window. It as if they think the plane is going to take off without them or their seat will vanish if they don’t get there quickly enough.

Can someone explain to me why folks take so much on a plane? I’ve seen some folks take what appears to be everything they own including the kitchen sink and squeeze it in the over head. By the way, while they are wrestling with their own luggage and insisting it fits, the line behind them is backing up but they will not step aside to let others on.

And let’s not forget about the guy who in the middle of the flight, when most other travels are trying to nap or are quietly reading, decides to go into the over head compartment to get “that book” he needs to read, and then slams down the over head waking up the entire  plane. I also love the folks who when they need to get out of their seat use your head rest and an anchor to lift themselves up.

During one of my more recent trips there was a man (bless his heart as he we uncomfortable about this as I was) who was about six foot five and three hundred pounds, sitting in the middle seat for a three hour flight. Not one flight attendant made even the smallest effort to inquire if anyone would be willing to change seats.

And finally too many flights have one “Nurse Ratchet” as the flight attendant, making the flight even more adventurous. Especially when they have the air-conditioner on in the middle of winter and went you ask to warm it up a little she replies in her most condescending tone “there is nothing we can do about it” Air travel is a documentary in the making.

Over charging for awful services- a small cup of your favorite beverage filled with ice, and then having to wait until the entire plane is served for a refill. Charging for a blanket and pillow on one airline, while others don’t offer this in coach!  There is one airline who loves to fly through a southeastern city for its connections. I do my best to avoid this unless I want to make plans to get a hotel over night or miss my connection. Sadly nothing changes to improve air travel.

We all remember that one airline that left its passengers on the tarmac for an eternity without restrooms being available or water to drink. No wonder why when your destination is reached  most travelers need a vacation.

Love and tolerance is my code!


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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