Veterans Turn To Acupuncture Instead of Opioids


Acupuncture Helps Vets In North Carolina

Veterans in North Carolina are using acupuncture to fight pain instead of opioids. The VA has approved the therapy as a drug-free pain relief option for vets.

As reported by WRAL, many military veterans leave the service with chronic pain issues.

They are often prescribed narcotic pain relievers, which comes with a big risk of a dangerous addiction. But some veterans are finding relief with acupuncture.

Army veteran Jeff McGehee, 53, drives from Yanceyville, Virginia to Triangle Acupuncture around 12 times a year. “It’s worth the drive,” he said.

Some acupuncture specialists are available in the VA system, but doctors can prescribe treatment in other approved facilities.

Acupuncturist Chris Helmstetter says in western medical circles – this art is now considered complimentary medicine, one with no risk of addiction.

“So you could treat a lot of different conditions like digestive issues, insomnia or fertility problems, but it’s especially effective for pain,” Helmstetter said. “What I see a lot is not only do people feel better, but also they regain a certain segment of their life that they’ve been missing,”

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