A Prayer from Peter Marinelli

A Prayer from Peter Marinelli

Whatever I need or desire, God will help me find the fulfillment I seek.
God answers my every prayer, for God is the answer to prayer:
Whenever you need Me, I am here for you. No dream is too great, no need so small that I cannot help you find the right solution.
“Trust in Me, beloved, and I will show you how to achieve more than you ever dreamed you could. I will take you beyond your grandest dream and show you a way that will bring untold blessings into your life.
“Whenever you call for Me, I will answer. Do not be confused if the answer you receive is not the one you expected. Know that because I love you, My answer will always be what is highest and best for you.”
-Daily Word-

Blessings, Chop wood, carry water
Peter Marinelli

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