A Little History Lesson by Peter Marinelli

Thoughts by Peter Marinelli

I am always so impressed by the courage and passion and God guidance and quite frankly the hand of God at work for us alcoholics, not only in our modern times but also our early days.

Over and over I read stories that are humbling to say the least and I get to touch our history and walk away with an even greater love for God and AA.

Here is a story from a news article dated June 30, 1941:

One night last week four San Antonians met at a downtown location to seek the solution to a problem which they believe common among themselves and which they feel is common among a large number of other San Antonio residents.

These men all active in San Antonio’s civic and professional enterprises are members of the country’s newest unit of the six year old Alcoholic Anonymous foundation.

These men through Alcoholics Anonymous have found a solution to their admitted “alcoholic situations” and today are designing lams which will enable them to bring feelings of security and confidence to other San Antonians, who have become, through desires for escape, “alcoholics.”

And the program which Alcoholics Anonymous is as unusual and unique as is the organization.

There will be no anti-drinking, anti-liquor, prohibition demonstrations.

For Alcoholics Anonymous operate on a single theory: That only an “alcoholic can cure and alcoholic.”

And medical authorities throughout the country allegedly admit this is true and the medicine and treatments can’t cure a person who has become an habitual alcoholic the organization claims. Alcoholics Anonymous got its start in Cleveland when a Ney Your stock broker, upon meeting financial setbacks, found an impelling desire to escape his troubles.

Earlier through months and months of effort and determination the broker had managed to “get on the water wagon and stay there’

But upon realizing his situation in Cleveland he knew that if something were not immediately, all of his work and efforts of the past months would be lost. As a result he turned to the hotel directory and phoned a minister, who gave him the name of a Cleveland surgeon, who through discouragement had turned to drinking.

He found the doctor in a stupor and in such a condition the physician listed “good reasons” for his drinking. The broker replied by giving an even longer list of reason why he had once been alcoholic. The broker didn’t use persuasion. He dint argue. He merely talked.

The doctor was told that if he would place confidence in a power “greater than yourself, regardless whatever that power might be, you can restore yourself to sanity.”

That was six years ago and that was the last drink of liquor the doctor has taken.

The doctor became an A.A. and soon opened his home to alcoholic.

Within a short while more than 30 Clevelanders has joined the anonymous organization.

Today, Alcoholics Anonymous has more than 2000 members.



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