A Letter To Drinkers From Heroin Addicts


To the Drinkers it May Concern:

You drinkers. For some reason you get all high and mighty compared to those of us who are out there smoking crack and shooting dope. And that is fine, we don’t take offense, because what you may not realize is that in the end we are the ones who end up getting help the most. Not only that but we also get it sooner. And the numbers prove it: six out of ten of us will get help whereas only 6 out of 100 of you will get it.

See, our problem is right in our face, it can’t be denied. Whereas your alcohol use has you fooled into thinking you are ok, when in all reality we know you’re not. Most people who know you know you aren’t.

You’re shaking in the morning, your drinking isn’t social, and you keep alcohol with you at MOST times. Even if you have it somewhat together, we know what is on the back of your mind. It is the same thing as us, just a different substance. But for some reason, we are going to get better and you won’t. Why? Because you are under the false belief that rehab, outpatient treatment, that kind of stuff is for people like us, not for someone like you.

We really wish you wouldn’t think that way. We wish that you wouldn’t use us as reason to keep drinking.

Alcohol is a subtle and sneaky substance and that is how it keeps you trapped, slowly killing yourself, drinking your life away, just barely blotting out your consciousness enough to continue day by day.

Or maybe you aren’t even doing that, it isn’t that bad, and that is the other lie of alcohol—it takes a long time to get THAT bad. And most of you won’t get help until it is THAT bad or even worse. So much of your life spent drinking when you could of just gotten help earlier. Why let it get THAT bad before you do something? Why have to experience the worse, the hell before you admit that your drinking is just as killer as our heroin use? We don’t get it.

For some reason, you have resigned yourself to the fact that help was for people who actually needed it, we mean, us heroin addicts. Which is all fine and well but while we are able to get better because we aren’t blinded by our substance of choice you will continue on with your drinking, wasting away the years, while we are happy and sober.

See many of us heroin addicts are somewhat grateful because we found a solution to our problem earlier. Granted, there was also the chance that we didn’t make it but for those of us that did we realize how blessed we are.

Why don’t you take advantage of this moment of truth? Of this moment of realization that you aren’t better and you aren’t any worse then the rest of substance abusers.

You are just like us, all of us. If you wake up every day anything but elated about life and are looking for alcohol to fix that, get help. If you have trouble sleeping at night because of the restless thoughts and you drink to fix it, get help. If you are just like us heroin addicts at the core, if you just want to always feel as you good did the first time you got drunk, if you just want to be happy and yet can’t seem to be, then please get help.

Don’t lie to yourself, and please for the love of God, stop comparing yourself to us heroin addicts. You are not better than us, and your denial doesn’t make you any worse than us, you just hang onto it way too long and then you use as a great comparison to fuel it. Stop it.

All you are doing is delaying the healing, the help you could get, and the amount of life you could ACTUALLY be living. We write this because we know how it feels, and we want to see you get better too.


Love, your true friends,

The Heroin Addicts

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