A Closer Look at Naltrexone for Opioid Treatment

Naltrexone is a non-narcotic medication created to help people struggling with drug abuse, specifically those struggling with an opioid addiction or alcohol addiction, to enter active recovery and stay there for the long term. Naltrexone is not addictive. It’s a drug that attaches to the brain’s opioid receptors and blocks them completely. That means when someone takes heroin or any different type of opioid, the pain, pleasure, and addiction controlling centers of the brain will not feel the effects of the opioid. This is invaluable during the rehabilitation steps of recovery because the drug helps to stave off the cravings of heroin withdrawal by making the patient uninterested in the drug via the capping of the opioid receptors after their heroin detox. Florida rehab clinics and detox centers often offer naltrexone to their patient. After detox, having the drug naltrexone in a patient’s system allows the person struggling with addiction to focus more on the psychological work necessary to further their recovery.


Naltrexone is the generic version of the opioid treatment that also goes by the following brand names:

  • Vivitrol
  • Depade
  • Revia


Medication Assisted Treatment Program

Medication assisted treatment programs work through using medications like naltrexone, and behavioral therapy to treat drug or alcohol chemical dependence and psychological addiction. While medications like  buprenorphine and methadone do indeed leave room for a patient to become dependent on them, Naltrexone does not. There is no potential to abuse Naltrexone. Opioids are such an intense addictive substance and create such high tolerance and cravings that a medication assisted treatment program is highly advisable to those seeking treatment for opioid addiction.


Inpatient vs. Outpatient Medication Assisted Treatment Program

For any person struggling with an advanced addiction to drugs or alcohol most of them will find that an inpatient long term stay in a detox and rehabilitation facility is the most beneficial. However, some people are unable to make that happen. The problem here is that during a medicated assisted treatment program a person has to reliably take the medication in order for the treatment to work properly and continue to hold off cravings. If a person is going through an inpatient program, this is of course an easier thing to be sure of. However, the nalexetrone drug addiction implant can help here. This implant is a subdermal implant that steadily releases nalexetrone for the patient and keeps the medicine consistently in the body to be sure treatment is regular.


Treatment for Those Struggling With Heroin Addiction in Florida

There is treatment available for opioid addiction. Heroin addiction along with the other opioids one can abuse, is a difficult affliction to walk away from. More so than some other drug addictions because of the way it skyrockets tolerance in its victims. It is possible with the help of a qualified medical staff to go through the difficult withdrawal symptoms and survive at one of the many Florida detox centers. FHE Health employs a highly qualified staff of licensed medical clinicians and therapists to help you through your journey be it in a medication assisted treatment program or not. Call today to learn more

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