Alcohol is readily available and easily attainable, which has created a society in which drinking is acceptable and in some circles even profitable. Alcoholism can affect anyone that picks up a drink, regardless of size, creed, or gender. Many don’t think that a drink or two can cause any harm but for some, one drink has slowly turned into many, resulting in chemical dependence and unhealthy behaviors. The Florida House Experience understands how this drug can devastate a life by impacting families, careers, relationships, and personal growth.  

Since alcohol is legal and relatively affordable, many people think it is okay to drink it. While this may be the case for some, others abuse this drug and eventually become addicted. Alcohol is a depressant that lowers inhibition and can cause a user to make decisions that they wouldn’t otherwise. It inhibits the mental and physical processes of the body, making alcohol seem to cause a decrease in anxiety. Many use alcohol as a way to socialize with more ease because of the instant gratification it provides. Since this drug is legal and consumed by many, it can be hard to tell if someone is really addicted or just a casual user. Addiction to alcohol is apparent when someone drinks even though they are aware of the constant negative side effects that drinking brings to their life.

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Beer Addiction

This is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks for Americans. Compared to other forms, it contains the least amount of alcohol per volume. Beer is made from a combination of water, barley, hops, and yeast. Custom breweries, the college lifestyle, and sporting events have made beer a staple to American culture. Because of this popularity and the fact that many beers have to be drunk by an alcoholic to feel intoxicated, beer is looked at as a less harmful drug. On the contrary, it is still addictive and leads to other forms of alcohol that are much higher in alcohol volume.

Wine Addiction

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made of berries or grapes that have been fermented to produce alcohol. It is stronger than beer and comes in an array of different flavors, colors, and alcohol volumes. Women make up almost 60% of wine drinkers in this country, but anyone can develop an alcohol addiction by drinking wine. Although wine may be portrayed as a classy and sophisticated drink, it is still addictive and can give cause to the consequences seen from addiction.

Liquor Addiction

This is the term for any hard alcohol like gin, bourbon, vodka, and tequila. Liquor contains a higher concentration of alcohol per volume, so it takes less of it to feel the effects. Liquors are often mixed with other liquids like soda that make the absorption of alcohol in the body happen at a rapid rate.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Because of the legality, affordability, and ease in which alcohol is attained, it may seem enticing and harmless, but it is in fact quite dangerous and highly addictive. In fact, alcohol is one of the five most addictive substances on this planet. Additionally, it is one of the only drugs which can cause death by withdrawal. Since it is such a globally accepted substance, its harmful nature is downplayed. In reality, those that suffer from alcohol addiction and dependency will experience negative consequences from their drinking. The consequences of substance abuse range from relationship difficulties to fatal health issues. All are symptoms of addiction and should be seen as signs to seek help. Symptoms of this addiction include:

  • Legal issues obtained from drinking
  • Family resentment and quarrels
  • Drinking to self-medicate
  • Avoidance of responsibilities
  • Having blackouts or memory lapses
  • Mental or physical health issues cause from drinking
  • Personal relationship problems
  • Financial strain caused from drinking
  • A higher tolerance for alcohol
  • Drinking at irregular times like mornings
  • Lack of hangover symptoms

Medical Problems Associated with Alcoholism

There is a wide range of medical problems that can arise from drinking too much alcohol. The long-term alcoholic has a higher chance of these health risks, yet they can certainly be identified in those that have more recently been diagnosed with the disease of addiction. Some health problems that arise from alcohol addiction include:

  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Diabetes
  • Sexual issues
  • Osteoporosis (bone decay)
  • Birth defects
  • Vision impairment
  • Cancer
  • Decreased immune system functionality


Binge Drinking Disorder

The binge drinker will drink more than a few drinks in a certain period of time to accomplish the desired effects. Many binge drinkers only drink this way to feel an immediate drunk once in a blue moon, but the disorder can develop into alcoholism if drinking becomes more regular. Binge drinking turns to addiction once negative consequences are recognized because of drinking and cannot be stopped even if attempted.

The Functioning Alcoholic

Everyone personally knows at least one highly functioning alcoholic. This is the person who drinks daily without much effect to their professional or personal lives. When a consequence that is too severe to ignore comes up on account of alcohol, this type of alcoholic will likely deny their problem and continue living as a functioning alcoholic. Teachers, lawyers, and doctors all make up some of the population of highly functioning alcoholics in our country, and almost half of the alcoholics living here are highly functioning.

Treatment Services

Alcohol treatment programs offered at The Florida House Experience implement needed skills to live free from the ties of alcohol. No matter what your drink of choice or the kind of addict you may be, alcohol addiction treatment is successful through determination and commitment. During our treatment program, individuals will be invited to uncover and confront the underlying causes of their alcohol addiction. Additionally, clients will be guided through medical detox, group and individual therapy, and offered aftercare services. We understand that everyone looks at their alcoholism differently, and everyone will need different forms of treatment. We pride ourselves in our ability to come up with comprehensive and personalized care for each individual that walks through our doors looking for treatment for their alcohol addiction. No matter how long you have been a drinker dealing with the negative consequences of alcohol in life, there is hope. 

Although sobriety is ultimately the sole choice of commitment from the afflicted individual, recovery from addiction is possible through the support from The Florida House Experience. Our recovery professionals know that each individual has their own needs for recovery so they implement three different approaches to treatment including medical, clinical, and psychological. If you are ready to take the jump into a new world free from addiction and the terrifying consequences that come along with it, reach out today for more information on treatment services that are available to you at The Florida House Experience.