What’s Going on here?! Medication for Addiction – by Peter Marinelli

Once again I address the issue of medication that is being prescribed for the patients who suffer from addiction. Too often I have clients showing up with a bag full of different medications that have been prescribed by doctors, who have obviously not taken into account that the patient suffers from addiction. In fact even folks who are now sober and need to visit a doctor and inform the doctor of their history are still being prescribed medication that can be extremely addictive when no medication is necessary or non-addictive medication can be prescribed. Now I am favor of a client taking medication if needed, in fact it’s vital to some and they ought to be under a doctor’s care and prescribed. However, this isn’t the case. Too many doctors are reckless in their caring for this population.
Upstanding physicians at many treatment centers have their hands full when the client has now become not only physically addicted but mentally addicted and feel justified in the using because it was doctor prescribed.

Suboxone is the number one offender here. This is not a medication for long-term use but unfortunately, it is being prescribed for just that, even upon discharge from a treatment center.

What’s going on here? Where are the checks and balances?
I wonder if this particular medication was not a “cash cow” how often is would be prescribed. It’s the new methadone maintenance and being accepted by too many.
Again there are many physicians are aware and are working passionately to help these addicted folks and God Bless them for it. But what about the underbelly?
Many years ago I knew a woman who was not only alcoholic but also became addicted to prescription medication-valium. Several doctors knew of her history yet continued to prescribe valium even has her health worsened her addiction became worse and her hope for living a healthy life disappeared. The result was suicide. This woman was my mother.
Doctors need to be responsible and not negligent!
Who will check up on them, and when?

Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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