The Steps by Peter Marinelli

Being employed in the treatment center industry has it great rewards as well as it great heartaches. Too often we hear of the client who leaves treatment, relapses and dies.  As a professional in the business you wonder what could have been done to prevent this. How do we console the family when they call and inform you of the news? How do you process this? You had a young man or women sitting in your groups for weeks or perhaps months and in one flash they are gone, and knowing the families will cry forever.

But we do have the success stories which make it all worthwhile.

Recently I had another phone call from another parent about their son and his progress. This particular young man had been through many treatment centers prior to arriving at the Florida House.

He spent several months in treatment and then made his way over to The Sober Living Program. His family was on eggshells wondering what was going to be different this time. Needless to say I was met with much skepticism and anger by all family members. I understood all of it.

A day or so past and this young man who wanted sobriety, entered into “a new phase of development.” Fast forward, he completed his stay at The Sober Living Program, experiencing the 12 steps along with many other spiritual exercises.  Upon discharge he moved into a place with other sober men, found a sponsor, continued working the steps, was employed and living the sober life.

He also went home to visit his family where he made time to make amends to his family.

Almost a year since his last drink and he began the healing process of amends with is family.

So I receive a call from family member. This parent informed me that he never realized the “profound impact” of the amends on him and his family. He finally was able to see things completely different then before. He asked what he could do to continue to “support “his son and he (the parent) felt a new lease on life because of the amends and what he saw before him.

He informed me that when his son entered treatment and the sober living program all he wanted when it was all said and done was his son back. He told me during this phone call as his voice broke with emotion, thank you for giving me my son back. Now we all know all the credit goes to God. But what a day, and what an event in their life, to be a part of. It makes it all worthwhile.

Too often I hear some say you don’t need the steps it’s too early to start the steps ect. How about this story!

God bless the spiritual process of the 12 steps, that not only heals the suffers, but heals those who were affected by addiction.

How about sobriety!


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

FHE Health

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