The Process of the 12 Steps by Peter Marinelli

The process of the 12 steps will give me a new relationship with God and allow me to live in Truth. Struggle, resistance, disease, and discomfort are all forms of unmanageable and are all internal conditions, not external ones. The mind, however, is always looking outside for ease and comfort, all temporary remedies but never the solution, not the Truth. So often we live with a life dominated by the mind, seeing the world through the mind interpreting the world through the mind rather through an awakened spirit. Prior to the spiritual transformation, the mind operates on old beliefs systems (that no longer work) ideas and attitudes which are fear-based, and much contempt prior to investigation. We can get free of it all. The question we then ask ourselves is this: Am I looking to feel better or get better? In order to experience Truth, the false must die. Often we become uncomfortable when this happens and tension begins to arise. However, we must know that tension can be the surface of Spiritual Truth. It‘s the beginning of the death of self and all of its manifestations, a process needed to have a vital spiritual awakening. God could and would if He were sought. Am I seeking?

Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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