The One Thing You Should Do After Rehab: Outpatient Drug Treatment

outpatient treatment centerFirst there was the intervention, detox, inpatient residential treatment, the up’s and down’s, groups, field trips, revelations, and then somehow you made it to the end. Making the decision to go to rehab is not easy and it might have been after a really tough time in your life when rehab was your last chance. Ironically, that’s how your path to recovery is always going to be. You’re always going to be fighting everyday not knowing if your body can take another relapse. The consequences to relapsing are grave and quite frankly something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.The one thing you should do after rehab is sign up for an outpatient drug treatment program. Do this immediately so that there is no disruption in your treatment plan.

Outpatient Drug Treatment is a very crucial part of medical treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Many recovering addicts praise their involvement in an outpatient drug center for it’s positive impact on their recovery. Once you leave rehab it’s not like you can just keep re-enrolling (unless you relapse, which you don’t want to happen). You will have the option of staying connected through your rehabs alumni program. Outpatient drug treatment allows you to create your own life in recovery by living off site, having a full-time job, going to school or pursuing other things while attending the outpatient drug treatment program simultaneously.

The one thing you don’t want to do after rehab is stop your medical care. You want to enroll in an outpatient drug treatment program (preferably with the last rehab you attended) so you can continue seeing a therapist on a weekly basis, go to alumni meetings, participate in groups, and any other alternative therapy options. Some alternative therapy options that may be available to you in rehab are Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Yoga.  Outpatient drug rehab focuses on keeping you sober and showing you how to deal with the causes of stress, depression, anxiety, craving and other relapse triggers. Cravings and triggers threaten your sobriety and you have to prepare yourself with strategies to combating them.

It’s too easy for people to leave rehab and go from being extremely happy, high and motivated to being depressed, sad and unmotivated. If the change in scenery is too abrupt or one is not in a positive environment, outpatient drug treatment can connect that person with the therapeutic resources they may need to get through this tough time. Maybe someone is in a bad living situation and is beginning to get stressed and wants to drink. If they’re not going to therapy, meetings or groups they might revert to the bottle to solve their problems.

A couple of other crucial things you want to make sure you do after attending rehab are:

  1. Find a sober living situation, fast.

  2. Find a meeting to attend daily.

  3. Find a sponsor to work the steps with.

If you or a loved one is in need of outpatient drug treatment then we can help. Please contact FHE Health at 844-299-0618.


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