The Holiday – Just Another Day by Peter Marinelli

The Holiday by Peter Marinelli

With the holiday season upon us new comers can often go into a tail spin worrying what to do and how to handle the next several weeks of celebration.

Stress, fear, worry, anxiety may come into play about being sober for the first time, while around families and friends all who may be celebrating with drink.

The hard drinkers and alcoholics have good reason to justify the drinking this time of year and even the so called amateurs get into the drinking game.

So what’s a new comer to do and how does he or she get through these days without drinking or drugging.

The following are some suggestions:

  1. It’s just another day
  2. Its just another day
  3. Its just another day
  4. Treat these days as we would any other day of the week. Upon awakening, we use our prayer and meditation tools.
  5. Think about the 24 hours ahead and ask God to direct my thinking especially asking that it be divorced from selfish, dishonest and self seeking motives.
  6. Stay close to a support group
  7. Keep in touch with sponsor
  8. Did I mention it’s just another day?
  9. Make a meeting. There are alkathons in most areas where meetings are going on around the clock.
  10. Help another – be of service to another in the rooms and outside of the rooms.
  11. Words to work with during the day as always -Turn (turn into God for courage, strength and direction)Watch, Aware, Observe – be mindful of our words, thoughts and actions
  12. Know we are in Gods care – as always!
  13. Study our Big Book
  14. Gratitude in our attitudes
  15. It’s just another day


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

FHE Health experience

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