Stillness by Peter Marinelli

Stillness by Peter Marinelli

Stillness is who we really are deep down within.
We don’t need to create it, or look very far, as it is already there.
We need to clear away what is in the way.
The Spiritual process is one of removal never addition. Everything we need for our journey has been given to us by a Loving God.
The problem is we don’t notice the stillness, we can’t touch the stillness and can’t be with the stillness because of the noise in the head. Old belief systems ideas and conceptions about life in general.
Misperceptions and conceptions about everything, and they are all based in fear. The voices constantly talking to us about where we should be, what we should do, how much money we should have, where we should live, ad infinitum. We should all over ourselves all day long. We listen and engage with these voices. Events from the past and fear of the future, all the while trying to be positive and productive in all we do. We treat these voices like God. The result is that many walk around with this undercurrent of dis- ease and dis- comfort because of it, wondering when it is going to get better.
Now the knee jerk reaction is to reach outside of ourselves for a remedy trying to fix the external world so we can “feel” better. This solution is always liability and never the remedy.
Until we “go in” and remove all of it we can never be free.
However, when one goes through the process of the 12 steps, something indeed miraculous takes place. The beginning of death of self and its manifestations (fear) is replaced by God and the realization that we walk with a Loving Creator in all we do because it’s now who we Be.
In actuality God was always present but rarely realized. Interestingly enough, we don’t need to create the stillness. How can we create that which already exists? It’s there. We need to go home. This Sacred process takes us home.
No matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done we can return to a place (the World of the Spirit) which is Purity Honesty Unselfishness and Love.
Simply put: We walk with God.

Chop wood carry water
Peter Marinelli

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