Signs You May Have a Drug Addiction

If you’re worried that you may be suffering from a drug addiction, you may feel scared, ashamed, guilt ridden, or like it’s all hopeless. The good news is, you’re here reading and have an openness for healing. You don’t need to be ashamed. Many people deal with addiction, and the hard part is asking for help. Here are some tell tale signs that you may have a drug addiction.


You notice that your tolerance for a drug has gone up, in other words, you need a higher dosage of the substance to get the same effect.

You experience withdrawal symptoms when the drug wears off. Withdrawal symptoms can include but are not limited to depression, nausea, shakiness, sweats, headaches, fever, confusion or even seizures.

You are running late more and more often, and you can feel your dependability slipping. When you are dealing with an addiction to drugs, it often can affect your day to day responsibilities as well as your rational decision making skills

You obsess about the substance constantly, worrying about if you can find more when you run out, thinking about how many more you need to feel good, and ways you can avoid feeling bad when it wears off. The drug is always in your thoughts.

You’ve stopped doing the things you loved to do.

You have a hard time getting into the shower. You don’t brush your teeth or wash your face. Your dishes are piling up and you can’t bring yourself to do the laundry.

Your priorities have shifted and you’re starting to see bad things happen in your relationships, at work, and with your friends.

You don’t think about the consequences of your actions. You are impulsive and do things like go through other people’s medicine cabinets, or even steal money to get the drugs you crave.


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