Philly Native and Son of Addiction Survivor Tony Luke, Dies at 35

Philly Native and Son of Addiction Survivor Tony Luke, Dies at 35

Anthony Lucidonio, son of popular cheesesteak brand founder Tony Luke, died suddenly on Monday at 35 years old. It was because of his young son that Luke was motivated to seek help after addiction struggles and a drug overdose in 1983. He was warned by his then-wife that if he did not get off drugs, he would never see his son again.

“I had everything in my system,” said Luke. “Cocaine, meth, Jack Daniel’s, Mad Dog 20/20, herb laced with Raid, Quaaludes.”

After regaining control of a shop in Sicklerville, New Jersey, Luke and his son worked together to reopen the location. It was the first time they worked together in years.

“He was incredibly happy when we started to work together again,” said Luke. “He was happy in the end. I feel blessed.”

“We are absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of love and support everyone is showing,” Luke wrote on his Facebook page.

Lucidonio’s family has not publicly disclosed the cause of death. Yet within the community there is speculation that the addiction played a role in the untimely death of his son.

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