Just Another Day by Peter Marinelli

I remember when I was first getting sober and the Holidays were approaching.

I can remember to clearly how frantic I became. I later found out most folks are frantic. Visiting people we don’t want to and spending money on people we don’t like to impress others we don’t care about.

So there I was wondering where I supposed to go and what I’m supposed to do. It seemed that no matter where I saw myself ending up I should be somewhere else. I should be involved in a Hallmark card commercial. After all isn’t that what’s it’s all about I thought.

Well as Gods knows what is going on with me, my sponsor called just to say hello on this one day as my mind raced uncontrollably.
I began to share with him who I was feeling. I remember saying to after a while “and what about New Year’s eve, what am I supposed to do then while everyone is somewhere celebrating getting drunk!”

After informing me that there alka-thons in town with meetings through the night and sober celebrations for our gift of sobriety, he then shared with me something so simple yet so valuable. He said “Peter is just another day”.

In fact when my one year sober birthday arrived June 23, 1989, my phone rang I answered and the voice (my sponsor) on the other end said “just another day” and hung up!

But I got it. It’s so easy to become mad during these times especially watching television and the abundance of brainwashing to buy something like a new Mercedes for your husband or wife!

Very often forgetting the symbolism of this time of year- Gratitude.

I recognize sadly that our country is slowly becoming a Pagan nation when any talk of God or the mention of a holiday like Christmas of or Chanukah or God, is considered in some places offensive and  we opted for political correctness as our God (which seems to have made things worse).

So I offer this. Just another day and stay away from the thinking mind which does nothing but manufacture misery.

A spirit of Gratitude for just being here, remember those who have gone home to God.

And bless each and every day as it is all we have.
Just another day.

Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "

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